2019 „The Epilogue“ 假笑交響曲 ― 未開場的收場白

„The Epilogue“ 假笑交響曲 ― 未開場的收場白

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今夏,詩篇舞集邀請來自德國柏林的知名編舞Nir de Volff ,聯同來自柏林的舞者,與本澳三位出色舞者合作,帶來別樹一幟的舞蹈劇場„The Epilogue“ 。

„The Epilogue“

假笑交響曲― 未開場的收場白

這是一個在2019 年創作的舞蹈演出,想像於2119年,將如何懷念從前人類的生活模式。

這是一個關於21世紀人類的舞蹈演出,呈現當時的人是如何活動,如何說話,如何與其他人溝通。就在人類轉化成為“活著的應用程式” 前,他們有行動及言論的自由,有獨立的想法及感受。

這個收場白是Z世代的回憶。Z世代(俗稱老人類) 以後,人類進化,內置納米芯片,以應用程式驅動。進入身份被模糊化的“跨人類主義”,可會是混亂,複雜而且令人懼怕?


2019. 8. 16 (星期五20:00)

2019. 8. 17 (星期六20:00)




編舞及指導: Nir de Volff (德國柏林)

聯合監製: 何雅詩, Elzira Rosario

創作舞者: Francisco Bejarano Montes de Oca (德國柏林), 梁保昇, Albert Garcia, 劉沛麟

燈光設計: 林俊熠

平面設計: 唐偉桐

錄像: 始動舞台活動製作有限公司


資助單位:文化局, 教育暨青年局



票價:MOP150 ; 全日制學生票價為MOP50

New Creation by Nir de Volff (Berlin, Germany)

„The Epilogue“ is a dance show made in China 2019, a memory for the humans in 2119. 

„The Epilogue“  is about the human body and relations in the 21. century, the way humans used to move, use their bodies, communicated with each other, have freedom of movements, speech, individual thoughts and feelings before they transformed into living applications. 

„The Epilogue“  is a memory of the last so called „old humans“- generation Z.

From generation Z on, starts a transformation of humankind toward humans that are run by applications with nano chip-cards inside the human body. This transformation predicted to be messy, complex, and sometimes scary, but signals already point to a future of humanity that will blur our identities into “transhumanism.”

„The Epilogue“  presents the last step in Darwin’s human evolution already visioned in Charlie Chaplin film “modern times“ where machines takeover on our lives or the computer takeover of man in Kubrick’s “Odyssey in Space” to the brainwashing of humanity in George Orwell’s book “1984“. Then came the actual technological developments of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg which made Darwin turn in his grave seeing the last step of his evolution line: from monkeys to human machines.

In 2025 the 8 Milliards humans had 25 billions IoT devices, they planned smart cities and global protection actions that should have positively affect climate change and save the planet. But by the time they started doing so, it was too little and too late. 

By 2050 governments were totalitarian and the predicted wars and weather catastrophes indeed happened. 

【Performance Date and Time】

2019. 8. 16 (Fri) 20:00

2019. 8. 17 (Sat) 20:00


Old Court Building Black Box Theatre

【Production Team】

Choreography & Direction: Nir de Volff (Germany)

From and with: Francisco Bejarano Montes de Oca (Germany), Sean Leong , Albert Garcia, Keith Lao 

Co-Producers: Stella Ho, Elzira Rosario

Lighting Design: Calvin Lam

Graphic Design: Phoebe Tong

Video: Generator Stage Event Production Limited

Produced by: Stella & Artists

Sponsored by: Cultural Affairs Bureau, Education and Youth Affairs Bureau



Price: MOP150 ; MOP50 for Full-time students