Stella Ho

Artistic Director / Chinese Dance Teacher


Stella Ho holds a Master of Fine Arts degree in Cross-disciplinary Arts from National Taiwan University of Arts and a Bachelor’s degree of Business Administration from University of Macau. She is a member of China Dancers Association. She started to learn dancing at the age of six, and was trained in the basic techniques of Chinese classical dance and Chinese ethnic dances. She has been trained as an instructor for Chinese Dance Graded Examination since 1995, and has obtained the certificates for teaching grade 1 to 13 issued by Beijing Dance Academy Graded Examination Committee. She finished the 3-year choreography course provided by the Macao Conservatory Dance School in 2004. She has collaborated with artists namely Amy Marshall (USA), Jacek Luminski (Poland), Alexandra Battaglia (Portugal), Ku Ming Shen (Taiwan), Yuri Ng, Mui Cheuk Yin and Xing Liang from Hong Kong.

In 2000, she was one of the Macao Conservatory Dance School’s representatives to take part in Tao Li Bei Competition in Shanghai, participating in the Group Dance Section. In 2004, the co-choreographic work of Stella Mother-Daughter was presented in the program “Modern Dance – A Gala of New Choreographies” of the 15th Macao Arts Festival. In 2005, she was invited to be the choreographer for the musical theatre “Our Life”, staged at the 16th Macao Arts Festival. In 2008, Stella who participated in the project “Dance to New York – Choreographer Exchange Program” organized by the Macao Cultural Centre, received intensive training at the Amy Marshall Dance Company in New York, and assisted in the choreography of Tides of Change, a new work about Macao with the company’s artistic director – Amy Marshall. She was one of the Associate Directors and Choreographers for the program “Have steps, will travel”, produced by Macao Cultural Centre in 2009. Two of her dance pieces, Swinging, Turning and Fluttering and Sculpturesque Beauty were awarded with Adjudicators’ Panel Award in Bauhinia Cup International Dance Invitation Championships 2010 and 2012 in Hong Kong respectively. In 2012, she created the site-specific theatre “Zheng’s Walls Have Ears” with Hong Kong choreographer Yuri Ng and local artist Candy Kuok, which was staged at the 23rd Macao Arts Festival. She was also one of the performers and producers of the theatre. In 2014, she co-choreographed the contemporary dance program “Revival” with Alexandra Battaglia, which was staged at the 25th Macao Arts Festival. In 2017, She was invited to choreograph for the dance performance of the opening ceremony of Macao Light Festival 2017. Other major choreographic works of Stella include Mask, Beauties of Dunhuang, Robot Fairy, Sweet Agony, etc which had been staged at International Youth Dance Festival, Macao Arts Festival, Macau City Fringe Festival and Macao Foundation presents Performance for the Citizens respectively.

In 2012, Stella established the dance company “Stella & Artists”, aiming to contribute to the promotion and development of the arts of dance in Macao.

Elzira Rosário 

Managing Director / Ballet Course Director / Ballet Teacher


Royal Academy of Dance Registered Teacher (RAD RTS)

Member of the International Dance Council CID UNESCO

Master of Counseling and Psychotherapy (M.A.)

Bachelor of Arts in English Studies with Specialization in Communications (B.A.)

Elzira is currently the Managing Director, Company Ballet Teacher and Choreographer of Stella & Artists. She is a Registered Teacher of Royal Academy of Dance and a member of the International Dance Council.

Elzira has been dedicating herself to dance education, arts and performances with the objective of promoting dance and cultural development in Macao. She is appointed as the Macao audition coordinator of the “Canaan Dance Ballet Project”. In 2015, she travelled to Portugal for performances and cultural exchange, where she performed the contemporary dance piece Reflectionswith the Amalgama Dance Company in Portugal. In recent years, she has also been actively participating in various dance events such as Macao City Fringe Festival, International Youth Dance Festival and Macao International Parade, etc. Her recent exchange and collaboration with different art institutions and arts festivals include M1 Contact Contemporary Dance Festival(2018), New Dance for Asia (NDA) International Dance Festival (2018) as well as City Contemporary Dance Festival (2017). In 2018, Elzira assisted in producing Dancers’ Nest Project of Japan, Korea and Macao in NDA Festival of Macao region.

Her choreography solo dance piece I Remember was selected to perform for the Beijing Dance Festival Youth Dance Marathon in 2017. Her recent performances include Solos/Duets Showcase (2014-2016), modern dance piece Losing Wetlandfor the Macao City Fringe Festival (2014), dance theatre Wander Girls on Tour (2015), Dancing to the Sound of Naamyam(2015) choreographed by renowned Hong Kong artists Mui Cheuk Yin and Xing Liang, Reflections (2016) and To Each Her Own City(2017). She was also appointed as the producer for To Each His Own City(2018), To Each Her Own City(2017), Dancing in the Moment (2017), CDE Springboard (2017 & 2018) as well as the anniversary performance of Stella & Artists in 2016 and 2018.

Claudia Lou

Chinese Dance Teacher

n14_9149Member of Stella & Artists. Claudia studied Chinese dance at Violet Dance Association and completed Chinese dance advanced level at Macao Conservatory. She has obtained teacher’s qualification of Grade 1-3, and teachers’ training courses of Grade 6-8 and 11 issued by the Beijing Dance Academy. Recently, she has participated in Asian Ethnic Cultural Performance (2016), International Youth Dance Festival (2016), “Solos/Duets Showcase” (2013-2016), 15th Macao City Fringe Festival –outsi(t)e (2015), Dance Lab Project (2015), Dancing to the Sound of Naamyam (2015), 25th Macao Arts Festival ― Revival (2014), Showcase of UnityGate 2013, 22th Macao Arts Festival ― Macao Dance Groups Showcase (2011) and Bauhinia Cup International Dance Invitation Championships (2010 and 2012). She also participated in Supercell Festival of Contemporary Dance Brisbane in February 2017 and Macao – Poland art exchange program at Bytom in 2012 and 2013.

Cecilia Wong

Chinese Dance Teacher


Cecilia Wong started the journey of Chinese dance in Violet Dance Association at an early age, and she joined Stella & Artists in 2012. She has accomplished the Chinese dance training courses of Grade 1-13, the teachers’ training courses of Grade 1-7, 10 and obtained teachers’ qualification of Grade 1-2 issued by the Beijing Dance Academy. She is now a Chinese dance teacher in Violet Dance Association and Stella & Artists.

In 2016, she went to Lisbon for “UnityGate 2016 – Macao Portugal Dance Exchange Program”. She has recently participated in Asian Ethnic Cultural Performance 2016 in Hong Kong, “UnityGate in Macao 2016 Territory of Memories”, “Solos/Duets Showcase” (2015 & 2016), International Youth Dance Festival (2016), Interchange of Dance into 2014- Fujian, Hong Kong, Taiwan & Macao, Showcase of UnityGate 2013, Bauhinia Cup International Dance Invitation Championships in Hong Kong (2012), Alice in the Violet (2012), International Youth Dance Festival (2010), etc. She choreographed and performed the duet Shadow with Phoebe Tong in 2016.

Josephine Pun

Chinese Dance TeacherJo








Sharon Sio

Chinese Dance Teacher










Iris Leong

Teaching Assistant9N2A6424







Koko Lei

Teaching Assistant










Niki Chan

Teaching Assistant










Phoebe Tong

Teaching Assistant


Member of Stella & Artists. Phoebe has been practicing Chinese dancing since young age. She has accomplished Graded Exam (Grade 13) of Beijing Dance Academy Chinese Dance and different grades for teachers’ training courses held by the Beijing Dance Academy. She has participated in International Youth Dance Festival 2010, Bauhinia Cup International Dance Invitation Championships, Interchange of Dance into 2014- Fujian, Hong Kong, Taiwan & Macao, “Solos/Duets Showcase 2016”, etc.

Andrina Cheang

Teaching Assistant











Elisa Lei

Ballet TeacherIMG_2743-09-04-18-12-34