Ballet is known as the fundamental course to all dancers. This is because dancers should understand the use of their joints and muscles, and there are strict requirements for every part of the body. In addition to the ballet training on the temperament and graceful movements, more importantly they have to strive to achieve perfection on any minor areas. These create a huge benefit to an individual’s physical and mental development.

 We not only teach students the technical dance skills, we also train up their discipline, graceful posture as well as enhancing their self-confidence, so to achieve personal accomplishment. Their concentration and team spirit will also be brought up during the learning process. Besides, together with the music melody, their coordination with the body and rhythm will be developed; this also boosts their potential and creativity, so to promote their brain development as well as the balanced development of bones and muscles forms.

Ballet courses:

  • RAD Ballet Pre-school Level 1 & 2
  • RAD Graded Examinations Classes (Pre-Primary to Grade 8)
  • RAD Vocational Examinations Classes
  • RAD Adult Repertoire Class
  • Adult Ballet Elementary Class
  • Ballet Pointe Class


The Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) Examination courses

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The Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) is one of the world’s most influential dance education and professional membership organizations, was founded in 1920, which is recognized internationally and has a worldwide reputation for ballet training excellence.

Students reaching the age requirements by the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) are encouraged to participate in the annual RAD examinations to assess the skills that they have attained.

Those students who attend the Graded Examination Syllabus are required to meet twice a week. The syllabus consists of three different components; classical, free movement and character dance. All examination candidates will receive a result form and certificate issued by the RAD.

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Grade 7

Ballet Grade 6

Suitable age: 13 years old or above

The content is the RAD Grade 7 curriculum. This course is based on Vaganova Classical Ballet and with the use of the internationally recognized “The Royal Academy of Dance” (RAD) examination syllabus to compile a set of courses.

Grade 1 & Primary & PrePrimary Ballet Class

Ballet Kids1
Pre-School Level 1 and 2 


Effort spent in these early years will reap benefits in the years to come. The children are laying solid foundations for their future participation in dance and physical activity.

Between 2.5 and 5 years of age, children are learning how to control and coordinate their movements with increasing efficiency. This age represents the ‘fundamental movement phase’ of the child’s motor development.

Dancing can help children enhance physical activity; music can stimulate the brain development, so dance and music are the crucial parts in early childhood development. Through different music, songs, games and stories, the curriculum can develop children’s interest in dance, and also to inspire their imagination and sense of rhythm, in which to enhance their listening skills and creativity. With learning simple steps, it can help enhance their balance, musicality and physical coordination.

The curriculum has been designed from a developmental perspective; addressing young children’s cognitive, motor and affective (emotion and social) development and is therefore a fusion of educational and developmental theory. Dance classes not only provide an outlet to help satisfy children’s innate desire to move, but provide the opportunity to develop their creativity and expressive abilities as well as an understanding of their bodies and the surrounding space.

Ballet Kids 2

Topics include:

Music: Musicality training, listening and rhythm.

English Learning: Such as colors, shapes, vehicles, animals, seasons and other related words.

Dance games: To enhance the coordination of children’s muscles, hands, eyes and body; to cultivate a spirit of cooperation.

Adult Ballet Elementary Class

“Work-life Balance” is an attitude to life. Ballet is one of the best ways to get relieved out of the stressful workplace.

The class is designed for people who are interested in ballet, who have a passion and desire to learn ballet. Through the fundamental training of ballet, students can experience the joy in ballet as well as enhancing the body coordination, self-confidence and improving ones proper alignment, posture, flexibility and strength. In addition, students will learn the basic body positions, core ballet exercises, an increasing knowledge of ballet terminology as well as ballet classroom etiquette under a relaxed and comfortable class setting.

Adult Ballet

Ballet Pointe Class

Dancing “en pointe” is a major goal in a ballerina’s dance life. This is an introductory ballet pointe class specially designed for people who have ballet or dance experience. Students can acquire the basic en pointe technique and its performance capabilities.

*Ballet Pointe Class is suitable for those who have at least three years ballet training experience.

Adult Ballet Repertoire Class


Good news for ballet lovers! Finally an opportunity makes real the aspiration of many to dance classical ballets such as Swan Lake and Giselle.

Why join this class?

The programme includes well-known classical repertoire, enable you to learn and dance choreography that you have seen on stage, set to music that you know and love.

The class offers an inclusive and flexible opportunity suitable for a wide range of abilities and ages.

For adults of all age who want to pursue ballet, this can give them fun and they can be assessed in smaller, more manageable and less intimidating units of work yet they can also be challenged, to progress and to feel a sense of achievement and satisfaction. For vocational students, this provides an opportunity to enhance and refine technical skills through the class module.

How many levels are there and how it goes?

Three levels (level 2, 3 and 4) cater for those with some prior ballet experience (range from 2 years of study to advanced level).The RAD is recognised to award qualifications on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) in England.

The programme is based on modular assessment, each level is broken down into 3 units. They are Unit Class (barre and centre), Unit Variation 1 and Unit Variation 2. Students will be awarded a certificate for completing each unit, while those successfully completing all three units will achieve a qualification at the corresponding level.

*Adult Ballet Repertoire Class is suitable for those with some prior ballet experience (range from 2 years of study to advanced level).